Living with Colour: Shona Stopford Sackville

Shona Stopford Sackville


When it comes to the world of interiors, Shona Stopford Sackville is a true force of inspiration.

Shona founded McKinney & Co in 1991, one of the UK’s most trusted designers of window furniture. Over 28 years later, her aesthetic style continues to influence. The company’s bespoke, traditionally designed window and door decorative furniture adorn some of the world’s finest homes. It’s no surprise that Shona counts the Queen and Prime Minister in her client list.

To mark the lauch of Paint Library London Archive collection, we chatted with Shona about how some of these classic colours would make an exciting pairing with her own designs.

Hi Shona, it’s great to have you on here. What are your favourite Paint & Paper Library Colours from the Paint Library London showroom and why did you pick them?

Thanks guys, it’s great to see some old favourite colours from the Archive. For my first choice I think I’ll pick Chalcedony. It’s got such a soft and calming feel to it, I think it would work well as a subtle backdrop to some of my designs.

My second is Nash II, which sits at the other end of the spectrum. It’s got a brightness and a boldness that would be brilliant for highlights.

What is your earliest memory of colour?

I was born and raised in the Bahamas, so the magnificent array of blue and greens that make up the ocean is still my favourite and most cherished memory of colour.

What colour is your favourite possession or room?

My yellow coat. I just couldn’t live without it.

4.) Can you define your aesthetic style in three words?

Fun, eclectic, colourful



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